Paternity tests and kinship analyses

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Why you should prefer our laboratory to cheaper providers

10 reasons – our key to our success:

1 We are the No 1 address for paternity tests: Founded in 2003, we have successfully analysed over 20.000 samples and our know-how is that of more than 10 years of experience.
2 Our authorised experts are called upon by courts and civil services for their expertise on questions of paternity and of other blood relationships. You can profit from the same precision and diligence! Time and again we are asked to verify other labs’ expertises.
3 We perform fast: because we are specialised on paternity testing, that is why you get your result within 2 workdays.
4 No price dumping at the expense of quality:
  • Double analyses free of extra charge.
  • Free analysis of mother’s sample.
  • No second-hand equipment from other labs.
  • State-of-the-art software for interpretation of raw data and for calculation of probabilities of complex kinship cases.
  • Quality control by yearly external Audits.
  • No forwarding of your samples: From sample to expertise, every work step takes place in our lab in Vienna.
  • No savings on personnel: Everybody of our lab staff has a university degree.
5 Free of charge continuation of analysis: In the rare cases where the initial test is not conclusive on its own, we perform additional investigation, without charging anything extra, until there is a min. 99.9% probability of paternity - or until paternity is excluded with 100%.
6 We take time: Our customers get all the in-depth consultation they desire. In close dialogue with the customer, we devise the best procedure to clarify on even the most complex relationships.

7 Our head of the lab is a functionary in the Vienna Chamber of Economy; our company is one of Austria’s most important players in the field of kinship analyses.
8 We supply our customers with contact data of selected lawyers, medical doctors and private investigators with whom we share years of cooperation.
9 You only pay one expertise: If you are a return customer (e.g. you want to analyse another child or a second alleged father), we will do this test at our net cost, you don’t pay another full test.

10 Our counsel and advice is trusted by several foreign labs and we are performing the specialised analyses for them. Our tests have even been used on TV-shows.

Confidence for confidence and security
since more than 10 years.

Why DNA-Analysis?

  • You are in doubt of your parentage
  • You are uncertain of your relation to your relatives
  • You require an expert witness for court
  • You suspect a case of mistaken identity of babies
  • You would like to know if your babies are mono- or dizygous twins
  • You want to trace back your genetic paternal or maternal line over several generations
  • You would like to clarify issues regarding claims of inheritance



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