Paternity tests and kinship analyses


The CONFIDENCE laboratory for DNA-Analyses was founded in Vienna in 2003 and since then offers molecular genetic analyses to clarify questionable family relationships.

Confidence was the first laboratoriy in Austria to make paternity tests accessible to the broad population.
We have been working for private individuals, courts and authorities for more than 20 years.
We consider ourselves as a service provider for people and courts who need clarity concerning questions of blood relationship.

DNA-analyses are molecular methods based on modern, standardised scientific technologies for which our lab undergoes multinational round-robin tests.
Paternity tests are performed according to the guidelines of the GEKO, commission of ethics for genetic diagnostic testing.

Every single analysis in our laboratory is carried out by two court-certified experts in human hereditary biology and parentage assessment with university degrees in genetics and molecular biology.

Paternity testing is our specialty:

In more than 20 years of experience, we not only enhanced our Knowhow of complex pedigrees -
we also expanded our service portfolio with regards to prenatal paternity tests.

Since 2017 we offer the innovative DNA-products:
bluDNA® - jewels, bluDNA® - safe and bluDNA® - portraits:
personalised products of pure DNA-essence
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Our guidelines:

Our declared goal is to give our customers clarity in all questions regarding blood relationship and kinship.

Our responsibility is to provide our customers with absolutely reliable and rapid results within a short timeframe, to dispel their burdening doubts.
To this end, we work with state-of-the-art science, technology and informatics, quality assurance and process each case in accordance with the Genetic Diagnostics Act guidelines.

In our lab, all cases are handled with the due diligence of court experts.
Discretion is the top priority for us and of utmost concern: sensitive issues require trust - the very name Confidence stands for trust.


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