Paternity tests and kinship analyses

Quality Control Criteria & Security of Data

  • The STR, better known as microsatellite analysis, is an internationally applied procedure using standard techniques in molecular biology.
  • Our laboratory is equipped with modern high-tech machines of high quality and updated softwares.
  • Aerosol-resistant filter pipette tips are used to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Pre- and post-amplification reactions are undertaken in separate rooms and at different times.
  • Our team consists of thress academically trained molecular geneticists and judicial experts.
  • We perform analysis according to the GEKO guidelines.
  • We use comparative controls, double analysis and special computer programs to ensure consistency of results.
  • We perform reports on the basis of the offical guidelines for the delivery of expert opinions of kinship analysis, edited by the GEKO.
    We are certified by the Europe-wide GEDNAP (German DNA Profiling Group) examinations of the Forensic Commission in Münster, Germany.

  • Each step of the testing process is documented and held in SOPs (Standard Operating Protocols).
  • Doctor Gustav Scholda and Susanne Haas are legal and judicially certified and listed experts.
  • All information for legal purposes is archived for later documentation and reconstruction
  • We guarantee 100% protection of your personal data to the same high degree as any medical Doctor. You can trust us not to divulge any information to a third party.


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