Paternity tests and kinship analyses

Grandmother/grandfather test

Grandfather-test (only with the paternal grandfather and the grandson

The grandfather to grandson-test gives information of the direct male lineage – the test is inappropriate if relatives come in question for paternity. 23 markers on the sex chromosome Y are analysed to determine whether or not two male persons descend from the same paternal lineage to a very high probability.
The haplotype (combination of allele) will be individually calculated with your genotype (will be in average approximately 1/20.000 between non relating individuals).

Grandmother-test (only paternal grandmother and granddaughter)

With samples of the paternal grandmother and the granddaughter we determine whether or not the son of the grandmother is the biological father of the granddaughter.
12 markers on the sex chromosome X are analysed.  The result is an indirect paternity test if no other son of the grandmother comes in question for paternity. Even for this test the probability of being the paternal grandmother on the base of genotype frequency will be calculated, normally the probability reaches more than 99,99%.


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