Paternity tests and kinship analyses

bluDNA® - Jewels and - Safe

T H E  M O S T  I N D I V I D U A L  P R E S E N T  O F  T H E  W O R L D

It is absolutely unique.

T H E  E S S E N C E  O F  L I F E

Our existence and, to a large extent, our lives are determined by our DNA.
Inherited from our ancestors, they are our ‚hardware’ which undergoes changes in the course of our lives as a result of our lifestyle, the environment and evolution, which affects the genes over generations.
Nevertheless, the structure and function of our DNA molecules remain the same for each individual throughout their life. It is a symbol of immortality.

That is why we offer the preservation of your personal DNA in our
bluDNA®-necklaces with pendants and bluDNA®-safes:

we extract the DNA of your loved ones and prepare it for an exceptional jewel:
We ensure safe storage in a special DNA glass vial or in a robust stainless steel.
In this way, your valuable property with all its individual information is preserved for eternity.


Collect a sample of yourself or your loved one, of a deceased person, a newborn, your pet, what Individuum ever means a lot to you.

Identification and signature of the client (Heirs of a dead one must sign in his or her place).
We professionally extract the DNA from the given sample.
You will receive a certificate of authenticity of the extracted DNA which can be used for genetic and hereditary biology tests.

Mouth-blown glass vials: handcrafted in goldsmith tradition, keeping the DNA stable in a solution for eternity.
Delivered with a cap and necklace in 125 carat Sterling silver, also available gold-plated or anthracite.



Double-Capsule of the Safe:

Outer capsule made of shock-resistant, polished stainless steel secured with micro-precision screws.
Inner capsule made of extra-strong crystal glass secured with stainless steel cap.
bluDNA® is a symbol of immortality.

The innovative feature of this high-tech product is:

Using the restitution sample and the certificate of authenticity,
an examination can be ordered at any time to clarify family or medical questions:
Analyses that can be ordered in our DNA laboratory:
Creation of a DNA profile ("genetic fingerprint")
Investigation of family relationships:
Paternity, maternity, grandparenthood, siblinghood, uncle-aunt-niece-nephew test.

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