Paternity tests and kinship analyses


...... is a riskless method to investigate paternity during pregnancy on the basis of blood samples.

Until now the only possible way to analyse prenatal samples was after either chorionic villi sampling or amniotic puncture which both are invasive methods and not free of risk for the child and some pain for the mother.

Now with this newly developed risk-free prenatal paternity test only blood samples from the mother and the alleged father are taken: for the blood sample of the mother, a special tube is necessary which we provide because it is usually not available in blood labs. Possible samples from the alleged father:
blood in an EDTA tube oder 5 pieces fingernails.

Procedure of the test:
  • arrange appointment for blood drawal, either at our lab or at your doctor's
  • 10 ml venous blood is drawn from mother and alleged father with the vials of our testset
  • these blood vials and the corresponding documents are sent directly to our partner lab in Shenzen
The technique uses targeted sequencing: more than 500 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) are detected on the maternal, paternal DNA and the cell-free fetal DNA in maternal plasma. The SNP-profiles are compared to get a paternity index of more than 99.99% for a proven paternity or a 100% exclusion.

Performance from the 7th week of gestation onwards. Not applicable for pregnancies with three or more fetuses and when there was a miscarriage or abortion in the year before, or when there was a blood transfusion or bone marrow-/ stem cell transplantation or when mother has a tumour or preeclampsia.

The non invasive prenatal paternity test Confidence is available as pioneering innovation for kinship questions in Europe and provides parents with security and comfort that is absolutely necessary in their sensible situation.

Results are given 12 - 14 days after sampling. You cannot insist on a definite date of result because biomedical analysis can take 1-2 days longer than expected.

Withdrawal of the analysis: if analysis has begun after 2 days, full price has to be charged.
50% off the price in case of cancelling within 2 days after the samples have been received in the BGI laboratory.


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