Paternity tests and kinship analyses

Other testing material

You can also provide other samples than buccal swabs.
Anything originating from the body of the test person like:
  • Blood (fluid or dried, on any kind of substrate, even on blood sugar test strips)
  • Finger and foot nails (1 is enough)
  • Earwax on swabs
  • Nasal mucosa on an tissue
  • Hair with roots (riped out or twitched, 1-2 are enough)
  • Tissue sample (for example biopsy from hospital, in paraffin embedded)
  • Tooth (even milk tooth)
  • Sperm or vaginal secretion (for example underwear)
  • fetal cells: chorionic villi from the placenta or amnium fluid after a puncture..
Anything with contact traces from the test person:
used toothbrush, smoked cigarettes or drinking glass, pipe, set of teeth, clothes such as underwear, gloves.

The samples must not be touched by another person or cleaned or washed


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