Paternity tests and kinship analyses

Frequently Asked Questions

How is kinship analysis performed?

  • DNA of a person originates from its parents: 50% from the mother and 50% from is biological father. Therefore it is the best to examine all three persons but paternity testing is also possible without the sample of the mother. Please provide us with samples like buccal swabs or other material carrying enough human cells.
  • Each DNA-profile that we will generate from these cells is a unique and individual identification system.
  • The more markers that are used in the analysis, the higher is the validity and quality of the result. In our laboratory up to STR- markers are used if required. We analyse to the extent so that security is as high as possible. We perform double analyses. Quality of our analysis is your security.
  • As legal experts who provide expertises for court. We are obliged for executive care - in this position we control commonly reports produced by other laboratories.
  • At the end of the 2-days-analysis you will receive a detailled report with all informations about the technical method, the calculation of probability, the interpretation of data and the conclusion.
  • The biostatistical percentages of the probability of paternity is minimum 99.9%, often reach a value even more than 99.999% - never reach 100%, but approaches 100%. The exact percentage of probability is calculated individually for every case and is given in the report.
  • An exclusion of paternity is always 100% because in this case no calculation of probability is done.

How long does the analysis take?

  • Your result will be ready 2 working days after we receive your samples
  • The report is picked up personally or sent by postal service, on demand by fax, or the user account system (with personal password) on our website.

How are samples taken and what samples are possible?

  • Cells from mouth mucous membrane are rubbed off the inside of the cheeks with a cotton swab.
  • Other testing materials from the body like hair roots, ear wax, blood, nasal, vaginal secretion or semen, even cigarette butts, used toothbrush or handkerchief, stains on a glass or cup can be used to extract DNA.
  • Samples are usually taken by our laboratory staff but can also be taken on your own and provided to us by sending the testkit to the lab.
  • you can order the "do it yourself" testkit cost-free; instructions of the sampling are included.
  • in case we cannot proof dentity of the test persons you are responsible for the correct assignment of the samples and carry full liability. We recommend that a witness garantuees the correct identities of the test persons.

Does the sampling hurt?

  • No, buccal swabs can also be collected on newborns babies.

Who carries out the test?

  • Academically trained molecular geneticists with a degree and certificate of the university of natural sciences.

How are confidentiality and data protection guaranteed?

  • Your samples are instantly anonymized by a code consisting of numbers and a letter;
  • we are committed to full confidentiality and the protection of your personal data.
  • only the mandator who ordered the analysis will receive the report. We archive the digital data but we discard the buccal swabs after testing and your DNA after 2 years of storage. We do not send results as normal e-mails for security reasons, we usually provide results by post, by fax, or by means of the user-account-system (with individual password) on our website.

Does DNA-analysis reveal any information about my genetic make-up?

  • No. The examined DNA regions do not lay within genes - therefore they do not contain any information  about characteristic features or qualities from a person, nor disposition for diseases.

Is the test acceptable for legal purposes?

  • Yes if you order the test for submission to court a registered legal expert will garantuee the obligation of care that is needed for an expertise for court - make an appointment with Susanne Haas 069913678139 -registered legal expert for hereditary biology and DNA-analyses
  • or Dr. Gustav Scholda 06643552556- registered legal expert for laboratory diagnosis.


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