Paternity tests and kinship analyses


Payment possible in cash, by credit card on the website or in the office or transferred to the account of Confidence DNA-Analysen GmbH

Paternity test (alleged father, child, with or without mother):
EUR   380,00
Maternity test (alleged mother, child, with or without father):
EUR   380,00
non-invasive prenatal paternity test
EUR 1.149,00
Y - chromosomal Analysis
EUR  380,00
X - chromosomal Analysis 
EUR  380,00
additional person, each:
EUR   99,00
other testing material than saliva, each: EUR   99,00
judicial expertise to use for court:
EUR  849,00
genetic fingerprint (DNA-profile):
EUR  199,00
proof of semen:
EUR   80,00
charge for testset in case of withdrawal
EUR   20,00
DogDNA testing EUR  169,00
Muscle fiber analysis or Nutritional analysis EUR  260,00
Healthy Aging panel
EUR  290,00
Metabolic Health Panel EUR  450,00

all prices include 20% tax, double analysis and written report
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