Paternity tests and kinship analyses

Additional Analysis

dogDNA - test your mongrel

test your mongrel for 280 breeds - get the genetic composition analysed


Proof of seminal fluid

We safely proof the existance of seminal fluid by two immunochemical chromatographic reaction with monoclonal antibodies to
  • the prostate-specific antigen PSA and to
  • the glycoprotein semelogenin in semen
the two analysis last about 20 minutes and cost EUR 80 incl. tax.

tets of biological fitness
get your biological age analysed by measure of telomere length, DNA-Methylation pattern, SNP-markers for irritation and stabilization.
Then get your concept of metabolism, nutrition and anti-aging life style

•        Genetic disposition of obesity and risk of diabetes
•        Metabolic rate
•        Activity of gene regulation (C1-Metabolismus)
•        Antioxidative capacity
and a follow-up cost-free.


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